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transparacon stands for something rare in this industry. The word is derived from a concept I call transparent construction. This is the antithesis of the norm and it translates into full disclosure in all things. It’s about doing the right thing for all to see.

transparent pricing

At transparacon it starts with transparency in pricing and continues with transparency of process and product. This means that when you go to contract with us you will know not only exactly what everything is costing you but also what it’s costing us.

design with purpose

Your home is the thing that shelters you and hopefully nurtures you. It is the center of your life; the place where you raise your family and share special occasions with your friends. It needs to be designed to facilitate ease in your day to day life. Every space has a purpose and should be engineered to maximize that purpose.  All too often , today’s builder’s plans are engineered to maximize their profits and not your purpose.

grey spec

The transparacon grey spec level can help you afford the quality custom home you are dreaming of.  You can be involved in the process and have your choice of any fit and finish you desire; often at prices lower than the production builders charge for the generic options they offer.  Quality, style, durability and design are not beyond your reach. You just need to be willing to steer off the beaten path and explore what transparacon has to offer.

built to grow

transparacon can design and build custom homes that can grow with the families they serve by incorporating the means for that future growth into the very foundation of the home they build today.  We can also take older homes and create long term redevelopment plans that take care of the must haves today while setting the stage to incorporate tomorrow’s needs when future budgets allow.

transparacon’s services

custom homes

You can bring us your desired house plans or we can assist in designing your new home from scratch.  For a more cost effective approach we can start with any of the amazing plans offered by www.HousePlans.com and customize them to your exact needs.  Weather creating a luxury dream home or incorporating the transparacon gray spec to reduce the costs, contact us now for a free consultation and find out how we can help you bring your dreams to life.

remodel / renovate

We love central Florida’s old neighborhoods and as a result have a special passion for updating the older homes within them. If you’re already convinced that location is everything and have just the right neighborhood picked out, let the transparacon team help you find the right fixer upper.  You can take an existing older home with loads of character and charm and modify it to fit your needs. We can create a phase plan that allows you to get the most important, “must haves” now while laying the groundwork for additional improvements in the future. From total remove and replace of all finishes in a single bathroom to full blown additions and expansions. We can guide you through the entire process. We are probably the only central Florida firm that is friendly towards owner participation and even encourage a little sweat equity for our DIY enthusiast clients.

any do concierge

The name says it all.  Whatever you dream or request we can do. Maybe you need a new chicken coupe replica of your existing home for your city’s new pilot urban chicken keeping program. Maybe it’s a piece of custom furniture you saw on Pinterest.  House sitting service. Artistic commissions. Let your imagination run wild.

neighborhood handyman

Home maintenance is rarely something we look forward to but it is an important task none the less.  We offer included maintenance programs on every new home we build and are happy to service others as well. From annual inspections to changing A/C filters. Pressure washing, painting, siding repairs, window replacement. Let a licensed residential contractor oversee these seemingly simple tasks so they don’t turn into bigger issues later.  We offer a wide range of services at competitive rates.

exterior hard scapes & artificial turf

We can help you design, plan and build outdoor spaces as well. As an authorized distributor for Southeast Sod Fakers we are on the cutting edge of outdoor playscapes and artificial sports fields. This is an environmentally friendly, very low maintenance option for outdoor areas worth considering. Contact us to find out how affordable these options can be.

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